QuickFlight Employee of the Month - September 2019

Maria Ochoa (IAH)

Maria has been working for QF for over a year and loves aviation. She is always looking for ways to help and teach others and has a lot of initiative to get the job done. Maria started on the ramp and slowly has been working her way up within the company, she has been cross trained as CSA and received excellent scores, she went for GSC and LM and lately she has learned how to pushback. Her last achievement was to be promoted as a supervisor by getting nominated by her co-workers.

Maria has a bright future and is a fundamental part of the IAH operation.

Congratulations Maria and Thank you for all your hard work!

Frontier and QuickFlight have

resumed OPS in Jackson Hole, WY.

Frontier Airlines has resumed their seasonal operations into Jackson Hole, WY. The JAC QuickFlight team did a fantastic job on the first flight of the season. We look forward to many more successful turns.

Great Job QF Team JAC!

February 2019 ... Porter Airlines began their seasonal operations into Myrtle Beach International Airport on February 13, 2019.  The QuickFlight team did a perfect job on the first flight of the season.  We look forward to many more successful turns .


Porter Airlines and QuickFlight resume operations in MYR

Former QuickFlight Employee Wins Ohio Aviation Student Of The Year 2018

Mason Tinney

Mason Tinney did not plan on the track he wound up taking. “Initially, I was interested in the pilot program, but after learning more about it I found myself drawn to the operational side, and that’s what intrigued me. As soon as I could, I started working for Quick Flight Services in Swanton. Airlines like Allegiant basically hire this group to conduct all their ground operations.  “They’re really versatile, they do all the charters as well as Allegiant. When I was with Quick Flight, I started out as a basic crew member and was trained to be a ground security coordinator and I got my certification for ground security.”In that job he was responsible for ensuring the safe operation and security protocols were maintained while aircraft were on the ground or being serviced. He worked directly with flight crews, fuelers, maintenance and ground crews for proper handling and inspection of aircrafts ranging from Boeing 737s, McDonnell Douglas MD-80s and the Airbus A320.


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